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How does Conscious Discipline help parents?

These series will cover brain based research strategies that will help you and your spouse add parenting tools to your toolbox helping you as a couple parent on the same page. We will review strategies and language to help you understand and respond to your child’s behaviors.  Conscious Discipline® helps parents understand how your child’s behaviors and brain are related so you can “keep your cool” in difficult times. With this knowledge, you will be able to respond to situations differently.  Join a group of parents in your community and learn new ways to look at and deal with behaviors.

Classes offered:

For a list of schools and dates that these workshops will be held, visit the “Register” page.


What other parents are saying:

“Conscious Dicipline has equipped us with new tools that have made us better and more confident parents. We’ve learned to identify what our child is feeling, and now have the skills we need to take a breath and react to situations in a more positive way—without threats or bribery.

Since Conscious Discipline, we’ve noticed our child being able to calm herself and become less frustrated with certain situations, and overall, there’s been less conflict.” ~ Brian and Debbie

 Conscious Discipline for Parents

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