“I love that this way of discipline gives so much respect to your child. It shows you how to deal with them in a loving yet effective way.” -Maria

“Parenting is the most important job we will ever do in life, but most people get no training for it. This class is giving us some training and knowledge so that we can feel more confident in how we are going about this.”- Carter

“The parenting series gave us the gift of perspective. We are now able to see things from our child’s perspective so we can better help them through their times of stress.”
-Chris and Jessica

“We have learned many valuable communication tools that have enabled us to approach challenging situations in a more grounded manner. We are very happy with everything we have learned in our class with Amy and feel it has made a huge positive impact in our home.”
-Demir and Erica

“This information has given us a great start with our 1 yr. old son, Henry. Since communication is hard, this has really helped us work through his frustrations because we can see from his point of view.”
-Jason and Lollie

“It has really helped us come together as a couple and be on the same page with parenting!” -Brian

“The opportunity to have a time once a month to spend focused on our children and to look at our own behaviors in relation to them is so valuable. Amy has a ton of experience to share and helps with any issues that arise. It’s like having a parenting coaching session!”
-Maria and Carter