1986 Phone Challenge for Mommies


What happened to playing at the park or simply sitting and watching your kiddos run through a sprinkler without seeing what’s happening in the rest of the world? Facebook, email, texting… These are just some of the things that get in the way of being present with our children. Is it really that important everyone has you at their fingertips when your children are with you in the present moment? Is that facebook post more important than your kiddos ride down a slide?

I invite you to the “1986 Phone Challenge” Let’s pretend for one day that your phone is connected to a wall in your kitchen and that you are unavailable to the world for ONE whole day, unless you are physically in your home. Go to the park and play pirates, swim like a dolphin in the kiddie pool, and show your kids that they are more important than the rest of the world! Be present and you will be surprised how clear your mind can be and how much this one day will create a day with less misbehavior because you are enjoying each moment with your children!

Connect your phone to an outlet for one whole day on Tuesday August 5th! Invite your mommy friends back to the 80′s when the world could not invade our playtime :)


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